Upgrade to Property Video Over Still Images for that WOW Factor!

When selling property on the internet first became popular most properties only had a few low resolution photos at best.  These days with advances in internet speeds, data storage and digital cameras a typical property marketed on the internet can have 20 to 30 detailed photographs.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and promote your property with a maximum of impact for a minimal investment.

…..thats Video!

The large scale uptake of Broadband has meant that video is now an affordable and popular option for property sellers to promote their property. Video does not replace traditional still images, it supplements them.  In fact professional property video specialists take still photographs in the same visit which makes professional video the perfect option. For a premium of around $100 over professional still photography alone a seller can use video to maximise their advertising.

The Gold Coast has one of the worlds best property video specialists — PlatinumHD  (www.platinumhd.tv).

Platinum HD (previously Propvid Queensland)  is a team of Cinematographers with a passion for making films that work. Anybody can shoot video. Platinum HD  makes films people watch and shoots seven days a week, from first light to last light.

Platinum HD  has produced over 6,000 films on property and lifestyle in South East Queensland.

buy accutane 40 mg online The team at Platinum HD offer a range of video options to suit sellers of any budget.  These include standard solutions like –

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and then to grand productions involving your salesperson personally introducing each part of your property

Depending upon the solutions selected PlatinumHD often integrate lifestyle shots into your video which provide a real polished presentation.

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