Top 10 People to Follow on Twitter for Australian Real Estate Agents – 2010 Q2

I was running a little late with the first quarter Top 10 people to follow on Twitter for Australian Real Estate Agents for the First Quarter of 2010 but the future installments like this one should be on time.

It seems there was a little confusion out in the west with the last list but just to clear it up, this list is where can i order accutane online site web for Australian Real Estate Agents to follow. Whilst there will obviously be a bias towards Australian tweeters I will be including interesting people from around the world to follow if I think it can bring something to the list.

Most of the list will be tweeting about the real estate industry however occasionally I will include other tweeters that are still of interest to agents such as @mashable who tweets about social media and @smartcompany which is Australian business news.

Like always if you feel somebody should be on the list in the future feel free you can send me your suggestion to @glenn_batten via a mention or dm.

  1. @aussiehome
  2. @apmasphere
  4. @smartcompany
  5. @peterfletcher
  6. @mashable
  7. @Larascott
  8. @GregVincent
  9. @Apimagazine
  10. @TomHopkinsSales

Edit:  All the top 10 from this list, the past list and future lists can be found in my Twitter List

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