3 Online Solutions for Agents to Watch Out For in 2011

buy nolvadex post cycle Each and every year we see new online solutions or technology that enter our industry, many are raised and discussed here at length on this blog. There are 5 levels of adoption in most innovations and the challenge of many of these solutions is to break through the Innovator and Early Adopter levels and start being adopted by the Early Majority and Late Majority. The last level, The Laggards will only be taken kicking and screaming when everybody else has already adopted the innovation. With online solutions its possible for an innovation to rapidly move through each level far quicker than the offline world would allow.

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Upgrade to Property Video Over Still Images for that WOW Factor!

When selling property on the internet first became popular most properties only had a few low resolution photos at best.  These days with advances in internet speeds, data storage and digital cameras a typical property marketed on the internet can have 20 to 30 detailed photographs. So how do you stand out from the crowd and promote your property with a maximum of impact for a minimal investment

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