Project Rebellion : Front Page News!

buy tinidazole online uk buy prednisolone 40 mg Over the past several weeks Ben Hurley from the Australian Financial Review has been conducting an investigation into the revolt by real estate agencies around the country against Today on the front page of the Australian Financial Review Ben’s article “Real Estate Agents Revolt” appears.

Continue Reading → Backs Down From The Fight! has always promoted itself as a portal for real estate agents but recently we have seen a surge in real estate agents using technology to operate from a digital storefront and list their properties on the portal. At first many of these websites were not run by real estate agents but REA quickly enforced this rule.

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3 Online Solutions for Agents to Watch Out For in 2011

Each and every year we see new online solutions or technology that enter our industry, many are raised and discussed here at length on this blog. There are 5 levels of adoption in most innovations and the challenge of many of these solutions is to break through the Innovator and Early Adopter levels and start being adopted by the Early Majority and Late Majority. The last level, The Laggards will only be taken kicking and screaming when everybody else has already adopted the innovation. With online solutions its possible for an innovation to rapidly move through each level far quicker than the offline world would allow.

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Real Estate Online Statistics & Demographics – Portals

The Google Adplanner service allows advertisers more information on popular websites including demographic and traffic information.  Now whilst I don’t want to advertise on any of these sites we can still use the information to compare the portals and major brands in our industry and the results throw up some predictable and not so predictable results at the same time. This article will feature a focus on Portals but the followup article will focus on the major real estate groups

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Upgrade to a Feature Property to Boost Exposure and Enquiries on Your Property For Sale

There are not too many people in Australia looking to purchase property for sale that would not use the property portal.  Over 95% of all properties for sale at any given moment are listed on the website. Attract More Attention and Increase Your Levels of Enquiry Because the is such a popular site and lists that many properties for sale to maximise your exposure you need to to stand out amongst the crowd.

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CBA Combine Data into iPhone Augmented Reality Solution

Move the phone around to locate a property Augmented Reality is when you combine a live view with a computer generated view in real time. The concept itself will not really be all the new to anybody because you have seen it in the movies and video games for years. The processing power of handsets has risen dramatically and 1ghz is the current sweet spot

Continue Reading → V2 – Are Some Cracks Starting to Show?

Pretty much everyone hated the House Hunter videos when they were released but it seems that the launch of their recent website found agents and consumers squarely in one camp or another. You either loved it or you hated it although I have noticed that many who originally hated the new site have swapped sides as they have learnt to appreciate some of the new changes

Continue Reading → Show Real Estate Agents How to Handle Twitter and Facebook Complaints

The recent relaunch of the website created a real buzz of activity on Twitter and Facebook the likes that we have never seen in our industry before. You had consumers and agents providing instantaneous feedback and discussing the new website at record levels for a real estate industry event

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