Playing Around With Zoo Property Website  design for real estate has one major obstacle to overcome and that relates to the data management of the listings.  Real Estate is all about the internet and its important that your website syncronises with a range of online portals. This is why your typical website designer struggles with websites for real estate agents.  Running a property listing database is not actually that simple and syncronising with the a range of portals is quite complicated. Your typical real estate website providor for real estate agents provides template websites only. These are typical cookie cutter sites exactly the same as hundreds of other agents and whilst they “get the job done”  they do not provide exception results. If you want to create a custom site the options were very limited until now.

Zoo Property provides the simple task of running a property listing database for an agent and syncing those listings with all the major real estate portals.  This allows a webdesigner  to worry about the actual website itself rather than the complexities of the property listing database.

Zoo Property provides a simple api interface for web designers to connect with their system.  They also provide a range of plugins for use in the WordPress CMS and blog system.

So at work we are undertaking a new First National brand update at the moment and we are looking at updating our website around a Zoo Property and WordPress solution.  I will end up writing a full article on the experience  for the Business 2 blog but I can confirm that everything is going well. Zoo Property does not limit your web designer to use WordPress but because they provide a range of WordPress plugins it speeds up development time and has allowed me to create a  website with very little effort.  They really are natural fit and we should be launching the new site soon.

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