More Funny Real Estate Photos

provigil modafinil buy online uk About a year ago we featured a post on funny real estate photos which turned out to be one of our most popular and memorable articles. So over the past year we have been collecting a bunch of other funny real estate photos to share with you.

whatever real estate sign, funny real estate photos

Whatever? What an incredibly professional marketer !!

upside down house, funny real estate photos

Freaky perspective

The good thing is they are not desperate for a sale

sellers disclosure, funny real estate photo

Sellers have a duty of disclosure but this is taking it to far

Ignoring those amazing “green feature pallets” for a second.. did he not notice the idiot in the corner!

Pin up girls as a feature wall, funny real estate photo

It's nice of the agent to promote the sellers feature wall

Body in the bed, funny real estate photos

Is He Dead?

Talk about overkill… and the chairs are a nice touch!

I wonder if the sellers wanted to come out of the closet just yet?

Isn't this discrimination?

Green Grass Real Estate Photo

Bet You Cant Tell This Photo Has Been Touched Up! Some of that special MS-Paint Fertiliser has been applied!

Huge Dick - Funny Real Estate Photos

Maybe she should not be letting out information on the sellers “private” business. At least she has a big smile about it!!!

Dog house funny real estate photos

You think the photographer would wait just a few seconds more.

Crappy and Funny Real Estate Photos

Any takers on this? It is your “Choice”.

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