How To Identify the Best Real Estate Agent In Your Area

How To Identify the Best Real Estate Agent In Your AreaSpring is only days away and the busiest selling season is about to start so how can you find the best real estate agent in your area. The biggest mistake sellers make when hiring a Real Estate agent is that they do not do their homework before appointing their agent. Here  are some of the best ways to find the best real estate agent in your area to sell your property” For Sale Signs

The amount of for sale signs in your immediate area that any particular agent is no guarantee of a successful agent at all.  In fact in the current market conditions there are plenty of agents not making any sales at all in any given month.  Consider that every property offered for sale with an agent that does not sell is actually a failed marketing campaign.  In short, you should not care at all if an agent has more “for sale” signs in your immediate area as there are better indicators of the best real estate agent.

Of course you need to make sure the property is ready and with all the papers on track, including the insurance, check also if the real state agent have the commercial general liability insurance and learn what a home insurance is all about.

A home insurance policy is typically broken down into six parts:

Coverage A – Dwelling: A house and any attached structures, such as a garage.
Coverage B – Other structures: Any stand-alone structures — like a carport or tool shed — not attached to the home.
Coverage C – Personal property: This covers repair or replacement of belongings or property stolen or damaged in a covered loss anywhere in the world.
Coverage D – Additional living expenses: Sometimes called a loss-of-use clause, this helps to cover the cost of temporary relocation in the event the home is unliveable due to repair work.
Coverage E – Personal liability: This covers the costs of another party’s injuries on the insured party’s property (or offsite).
Coverage F – Medical payments: Covers medical costs incurred on the property by those not listed as residents of the household, regardless of fault.

Good Agents Educate You on the Market and Don’t Beg For Listings

Many agents will stuff your mailboxes with flyers, recipe cards, calendars or business cards all begging for your business.  The best real estate agent in your area will keep you up to date with real estate market including relevant news, property for sale and recent sales but they wont constantly beg for your  listing.  They get listings because of their success rather than dropping a flyer in your letterbox every week.

You Want an Agent that Sells Houses

You only need to be interested in what they sell so when you need to start paying particular attention to the sold signs. A sold sign is the best proof you need in a real estate agent and many successful sales over recent months and years is exactly what you are looking for . An example would be based in UK.

Check Out Their Trophy Cabinet

Success leaves clues and often that translates into stocked trophy cabinet of awards.   When you are comparing two or more agents there are a few simple rules to remember

  • Industry awards are across all real estate groups and franchises and are much more superior than an award from just one real estate group.
  • Real Estate Awards for a real estate group are better from larger groups with hundreds of members than smaller groups.
  • National Awards are better than state awards which are better than regional or city awards.
  • Agency awards are better than awards for just one salesperson.
  • An award that covers a whole year is better than one that covers a quarter which is again better than an award for a single month.
  • Recent Awards are more relevent that old awards that may no longer be indicative.

Checkout their Website and Online Presence

A great agent will have a great website, one that provides more than just property for sale and property for rent. You could hardly expect an agent that has a stock standard template website provided by their franchise group to go that extra mile for you if they havent bothered to invest in their own website.

With online e-marketing playing an enormous role you can expect the  best real estate agent in your area to be maintaining a blog, an e-newsletter and to have a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Quality Assurance

Many agents have documented policies and procedures but very few take it further and get those policies audited and approved to International ISO 9001 standards.

Visit Their Office

To really get a feel for the office sometimes the only way is to visit the office. Interviewing agents in your home can only ever give you part of the picture.  An office visit can highlight vast differences in the location, size and professionalism of an office that is not so apparent in your lounge room.


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